Sustainable Holiday Hacks

It’s December and that means the winter holidays are upon us. With it comes a flurry of shopping, consumption, and giving. For many of us, that means receiving gifts that we don’t need, opening tons of packaging that gets thrown away, and spending lots of money of things that we aren’t sure will get muchContinue reading “Sustainable Holiday Hacks”

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some of my favorite wellness gift ideas for everyone in the family. Many holiday catalog items are here for a limited time only, so feel free to check with me on availability.  Young Living members get wholesale pricing on all purchases. Use my link to create your account and sign up as aContinue reading “Healthy Holiday Gift Guide”

5 reasons I would NEVER join an MLM

You read that correctly. And I’m guessing many of you share the sentiment. Here are the main reasons I promised myself years ago that I would never join an MLM (multi-level marketing company), also known as network marketing or direct sales. Misinformation and false claimsThis was a huge reason for me. Years ago I sawContinue reading “5 reasons I would NEVER join an MLM”

Toddler Travel: 5 Lessons From Our First Family Flight

Some families travel frequently and their Instagram feeds are filled with beautiful photos from incredible destinations. This blog is not for them. This blog is for the family that has to prepare, save up, and plan every detail of their vacation in order to make the most of their limited funds or time off fromContinue reading “Toddler Travel: 5 Lessons From Our First Family Flight”

The Greatest Adventure of All

Experts suggest that when returning to blogging after a hiatus, it’s best to not even mention your absence. Just jump right back into it as if nothing happened. That’s great in theory, however my absence from blogging is pretty hard to ignore for a couple of reasons. For starters, the length of my blogging hiatusContinue reading “The Greatest Adventure of All”