Fall & Winter In One Hike: Street & Nye Mountains

Today was a mild autumn day in Rochester, and as winter draws closer I can’t help but reflect on a wild weekend I had just last month, which provided the first taste of wintery weather this season. The girls planned another Adirondack adventure in an attempt to bag a couple more high peaks this fall.Continue reading “Fall & Winter In One Hike: Street & Nye Mountains”

High Tor Wildlife Management Area & Conklin Gully

I’ve been interested in checking out the trails in the High Tor Wildlife Management Area for quite some time. So when I got a text message from a friend Friday afternoon asking if I was interested in joining a last-minute hiking trip to the area I just couldn’t say no. The High Tor Wildlife ManagementContinue reading “High Tor Wildlife Management Area & Conklin Gully”

“Falling” at Letchworth State Park

It’s November now, and in Western New York that means the snow can fall at any time. That’s reason enough for any outdoor enthusiast to get out and enjoy every remaining minute of this beautiful fall season. So last weekend we set out to do exactly that by making the drive down to Letchworth StateContinue reading ““Falling” at Letchworth State Park”